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Antero Resources

Publically traded522 employees$3,491,000,000






Oil & Gas Exploration & Production


Antero Resources Is An Independent Exploration And Production (E&P) Company Engaged In The Exploitation, Development, And Acquisition Of Natural Gas, Ngls And Oil Properties Located In The Appalachia Basin. Headquartered In Denver, Colorado, We Are Focused On Creating Value Through The Development Of Our Large Portfolio Of Repeatable, Low Cost, Liquids-Rich Drilling Opportunities In Two Of The Premier North American Shale Plays.
Fraudulent Offers
There Have Been Recent Incidents With Organizations Falsely Pretending To Recruit On Behalf Of Antero Or By People Claiming To Work For Antero. These Unauthorized Organizations And Individuals Use The Antero Name And Logo In Emails And On Forms In An Attempt To Solicit Up-Front Fees From Interested Job-Seekers. Please Note That These Communications Are Fraudulent. They Do Not Come From Antero And Are Not Associated With Antero’S Recruitment Processes. Antero Does Not Send Out Unsolicited Requests For Personal Information. Antero Never Requires Applicants To Submit Money To Antero Or Outside Recruiters In Order To Pay For Travel, Immigration, Or Other Expenses. Antero Emails Always End In “@Anteroresources.Com”. Any Email Using “Antero” In A Different Format Is Not Genuine.See Less


Ratings data provided by AZA-Soyul

  • White Oak Compressor Station

    3850 OXFORD ROAD

    • 🌎 Climate - 23.75%

    • 💦 Water Quality - 10.99%

  • Nichols Compressor Station

    2189 LONG RUN RD.

    • 🌎 Climate - 25.54%

    • 💦 Water Quality - 2.11%

  • Antero Clearwater Facility

    364 GUM RUN ROAD

    • 💦 Water Quality - 7.20%

The ratings data is provided by AZA-Soyul. AZA-Soyul prepares database and analytics for decision support models, supplier and supply chain risk intelligence, peer and competitive analysis, and sector benchmarking. The name and address for the facility is gathered from EPA information.

Corporate Stage


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