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Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 11, 2021

Inside this issue

From Ohio to Canada, communities and organizations are responding to climate change initiatives.

Canadian oil sand producers are committing to sustainability goals. From 2000-2018, the emissions intensities of Canada's oil sands operations dropped by 36 per cent according to NRC. The largest Canadian producers have invested 75% of the $1.4 billion annually on clean technology in Canada, according to the Financial Post.

Inside this Issue

  • Ohio's Steel Valley Rebrands to Voltage Valley
  • Economic Impact of Natgas in Ohio
  • President Biden Responds to Global Threats
  • Canadian Producers Commit to Net-Zero
  • Reducing Emissions in Food Production?

Articles in this issue

From Steel to Volts
Ohio's steel valley rebrands itself Voltage Valley from Steel Valley

Natgas Driving Economic Improvement
The economic impact of the oil and natural gas industry in Ohio has been immense over the past decade. Whether the result of the thousand...

President Biden Responds to Global Threats
Today President Biden and leaders from G7 will demonstrate that we are unified by our shared values and a collective resolve among major ...

Canadian Producers Commit to Net-Zero
Reminiscent of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) – a unique collaboration between competing producers who share innovations ...

How to Reduce Emissions from Food Production?
We have a number of options – some fall on the shoulders of consumers; some on producers. Importantly, the options on both sides can be i...

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