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Decarbon Daily - Issue for June 15, 2021

Inside this issue

Japan makes a big bet on Hydrogen. The country unveiled the first liquified hydrogen carrier on the market.

Inside this issue

🔋 Carbon Neutral Vehicles by 2027?
♻️ Bloomberg's Sustainable Finance Group
🏰 Climate Risks Hit Mansions
⛴ Japan's Bet on Hyrdogen

Articles in this issue

Bloomberg Sustainable Finance
Environmental, Social, and Governance hub for Bloomberg

Fisker EV: Carbon Neutral by 2027?
Electric vehicle startup Fisker Inc. has set a moonshot goal of creating its first climate-neutral car by 2027. Fisker has yet to brin...

Climate Risks Hit Mansion Poitics
How do the rich protect coastal mansions? Build them bigger!

Japan's Big Bet on Hydrogen
Japan's hydrogen investments exceed other countries and now the country is unveiling the first liquified hydrogen carrier

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