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Aemetis Receives Key Permits for Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant: A Major Step Toward Greener Skies

Published by Todd Bush on March 6, 2024

Aemetis, a company specializing in renewable natural gas and fuels, leads the way in creating sustainable solutions to address climate change. Their primary goal is to substitute petroleum-based products with low and negative carbon intensity alternatives. This dedication marked a significant advancement as Aemetis obtained the Authority to Construct (ATC) air permits for their upcoming sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel (RD) production facility in Riverbank, California.

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Aemetis receives authority to construct air permits for Riverbank SAF plant

Background of Aemetis' Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project

The Aemetis plant in Riverbank, California, is a flexible facility with a production capacity of 90 million gallons per year. It can produce a 50/50 mix of SAF and RD or allocate its entire capacity (78 million gallons) to SAF for the aviation market. The increasing demand for SAF arises from the aviation industry's necessity to decrease its carbon footprint. SAF, sourced from renewable sources, presents a notably lower carbon footprint than traditional jet fuel, playing a vital role in achieving sustainable air travel.

Significance of Authority to Construct Permits

The ATC permits, issued by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, allow the plant's construction and ensure compliance with air quality regulations. Getting these permits marks a significant progress for Aemetis' project, overcoming a crucial obstacle. They showcase Aemetis' dedication to responsible development and effective collaboration with regulatory bodies, opening doors for further project advancement. The extensive technical review and public comment periods in obtaining the permits emphasize the project's thorough environmental and regulatory assessment, ensuring responsible development practices.

Impact on Sustainable Aviation Fuel Market

Aemetis' extensive SAF production facility has the potential to revolutionize the sustainable aviation fuel market. Its substantial production capacity can significantly address the increasing demand for SAF from airlines. The greater availability of SAF can encourage broader adoption by airlines, ultimately resulting in a decrease in the aviation sector's carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future for air travel.


Economic and Environmental Benefits

The project is set to bring about substantial economic advantages. The establishment and functioning of the plant are estimated to generate numerous employment opportunities and make a significant contribution to the local and regional economies. Furthermore, Aemetis foresees the plant generating $672 million in revenue and $195 million in adjusted EBITDA by 2027. In addition to the economic benefits, the project holds great environmental significance. By offering airlines a cleaner fuel alternative, the plant can notably decrease greenhouse gas emissions linked to air travel, leading to cleaner air, enhanced air quality, and progress in the fight against climate change.

Future Outlook

Aemetis' successful acquisition of the ATC permits means the project can move forward with engineering, financing, and construction. With its potential to revolutionize the SAF market and make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability, the project holds a promising future. This project reflects a broader trend within the aviation industry and the global energy sector, showing the growing commitment to cleaner energy sources and sustainable practices, paving the way for a greener future.

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