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AtmosZero Brings Electric Heat to Industry - Raises $21 Million for Boiler Technology

Published by Todd Bush on February 21, 2024

The industrial sector has substantial potential for decarbonizing heat. In a recent development, AtmosZero, a company with the goal of transforming steam generation, successfully concluded a $21 million Series A funding round.

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AtmosZero's Boiler 2.0 technology positions it to play a vital role for industrial decarbonization.

AtmosZero Startup Curbing Industrial Steam Emissions Raises $21m

AtmosZero's Series A Funding

The $21 million investment, jointly led by Engine Ventures and 2150, highlights the increasing confidence in AtmosZero's technology. The participation of investors such as Constellation Technology Ventures further enhances the potential for widespread adoption. This funding will support AtmosZero's efforts to bring its technology to the market, including a pilot project with New Belgium Brewing Company and expansion into the European market.

“AtmosZero is solving for industrial decarbonization by electrifying the boiler room and building a scalable, drop-in replacement product rather than complex and expensive customized projects,” said Addison Stark, CEO and Co-Founder of AtmosZero. “Our vision is to eliminate global emissions from fossil-fueled boilers. The investment today from leading US and European investors is a tremendous validation of our technology and approach to eliminating Scope 1 boiler emissions.”

Understanding Boiler 2.0

AtmosZero's Boiler 2.0 is a game-changer in steam generation. Unlike traditional fossil-fuel-powered boilers, Boiler 2.0 uses electricity to draw heat from the air, generating high-temperature steam with zero carbon emissions. This groundbreaking technology provides a scalable and economical solution for industries that depend on industrial steam, including food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, and district heating.

AtmosZero closes $21m Series A funding round

Aligning with Global Climate Goals

The pressing need to address climate change requires solutions that align with international agreements such as the Paris Agreement. By phasing out the use of fossil fuels for steam generation, Boiler 2.0 actively contributes to reducing emissions. Its widespread adoption has the potential to have a substantial impact on global carbon footprints, making AtmosZero's funding a crucial step towards meeting climate targets.

Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy

Decarbonizing industrial steam production is crucial for moving towards a low-carbon economy. Boiler 2.0 provides a practical option for different industries, allowing them to function sustainably while maintaining efficiency. This technology sets the stage for fundamental change, initiating a domino effect that can revolutionize entire sectors towards a more sustainable future.

AtmosZero's Series A funding is a significant achievement in our battle against climate change. Boiler 2.0's potential to decarbonize industrial steam production offers a promising path toward a low-carbon future. Continued support and investment in innovative companies like AtmosZero are crucial to accelerate progress and achieve a sustainable future for all.

As companies commit to decarbonizing operations, innovative solutions like AtmosZero become more critical than ever. By promoting investment, partnerships, and the adoption of such technologies, we can collectively contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet. Let's unite to ensure this momentum continues and turns the tide on climate change.

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