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CapturePoint Closes 45q Direct Transfer Tax Credit Transaction  Associated With the Arkalon CO2 Capture Facility in Kansas  

Published by Todd Bush on March 19, 2024


ALLEN, TEXAS, March 18, 2024 – CapturePoint LLC announced today that it has closed on a  private Section 45Q direct transfer tax credit transaction for carbon dioxide (CO2) captured at the  company’s Arkalon facility near Liberal, Kansas and utilized for Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil  Recovery (CO2-EOR) operations in the panhandles of Oklahoma and Texas.    

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The CapturePoint Arkalon CO2 capture facility has the capacity to capture 250,000 metric tons  of CO2 annually from nearby bio-ethanol production. CapturePoint transports the captured CO2 through its 170-mile regional network of dedicated CO2 pipelines to over 75 active CO2 injection  wells the company uses for CO2-EOR operations. Once CO2-EOR operations cease, the CO2 is  ultimately securely stored permanently underground.  

 The new Arkalon CO2 capture facility was placed in service in April 2023, generating Section  45Q tax credits for capturing and utilizing industrially sourced CO2 emissions. The Tax Credit  Transfer Agreement between CapturePoint and the buyer includes placement of 100% of the  45Q tax credits generated by the Arkalon facility for a total of 12 years. At closing,  CapturePoint will transfer all 2023-generated 45Q tax credits to the buyer.    

“CapturePoint is at the leading edge of carbon management innovation in the United States,”  said CEO Tracy Evans, “and our Arkalon CO2 capture facility and Panhandle CO2-EOR  operations are helping the nation achieve important environmental and energy security goals.  Our team is also developing expansive deep underground carbon storage sites – like our CPS  Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub -- to permanently and safely sequester much  larger volumes of CO2 currently released into the atmosphere by industrial emitters.” 

The Section 45Q transaction announced today was placed privately by Marathon Capital. “We  were honored to support CapturePoint on one of the industry’s first Section 45Q tax credit  transfer transactions for their Arkalon CO2 capture facility,” said Matthew Shanahan, Managing  Director at Marathon Capital. “We wish the CapturePoint team continued success as a leader in  carbon management services.”  

With both the Arkalon CO2 capture facility Section 45Q placement and an earlier transaction  announced in January 2023 for CO2 captured at a nitrogen fertilizer facility in Coffeyville,  Kansas, CapturePoint now has nearly one million metric tons per year of industrially sourced  CO2 being utilized in CO2-EOR operations and generating 45Q tax credits.  

CapturePoint LLC and its affiliate CapturePoint Solutions LLC offer a wide array of carbon  management services and are pioneering the U.S. development of leading-edge carbon solutions  including deep underground geologic carbon storage sites. The companies are privately held,  with significant financial backing from prominent investors in clean energy innovation including  an affiliate of Mercuria Energy (“Mercuria”), one of the world’s largest independent energy and  commodity groups.  


About CapturePoint  

CapturePoint LLC and CapturePoint Solutions LLC, together “CapturePoint,” are privately  held companies with offices in Allen, Texas. Our business is carbon management in an era of  energy transition, and we are focused on leading-edge carbon management services and clean  energy development including tertiary oil recovery using CO2-EOR operations. For more  information, visit the CapturePoint website at  

About Mercuria Energy

Established in 2004, Mercuria is one of the world’s largest independent energy and commodity  groups, revolutionizing the commodity value chain through technology, expertise, and low  carbon solutions. The company has firmly positioned itself as a leader in the energy transition,  with over 50 percent of its new investments directed towards renewables and transitional energy.  Mercuria has made substantial contributions to projects such as renewable power, carbon  capture, energy storage, grid optimization, critical transition minerals recycling and  environmental products, showcasing its dedication to a sustainable future. For more information,  visit

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