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Chart Industries and GasLog Set Sail for a Clean Energy Future

Published by Todd Bush on March 25, 2024

The quest for clean energy solutions has taken a significant leap forward with the collaboration between Chart Industries and GasLog LNG Services Ltd.  The March 2024 partnership brings together Chart, a leader in clean energy and industrial gas solutions, and GasLog, a major player in LNG shipping. Their joint goal is to harness the potential of liquid hydrogen (LH2) as a clean energy solution through the creation of a commercial-scale LH2 supply chain.

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Chart Industries and GasLog Partner on Large Scale Liquid Hydrogen Deployment

Why Liquid Hydrogen?

Liquid hydrogen is becoming popular as a clean energy source due to its unique properties. Unlike fossil fuels, hydrogen doesn't produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions when used in fuel cells. It also has a high energy density by weight, making it suitable for weight-constrained applications like powering electric vehicles or long-haul transportation. However, the challenge in utilizing this clean energy lies in its transportation and storage. This is where liquid hydrogen plays a crucial role. By cooling hydrogen gas to extremely low temperatures (-253°C), it turns into a liquid form, allowing more efficient storage and transportation over long distances.

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Chart Industries: The Cryogenic Champions

Chart Industries has more than 158 years of experience in cryogenics, which is essential for managing extremely cold temperatures and handling liquefied gasses like hydrogen. Their extensive track record covers all aspects of hydrogen processing, including compression, liquefaction, refrigeration technologies, and the crucial task of cryogenic loading and unloading operations.

“We are excited to collaborate with GasLog for effective large scale LH2 supply chain deployment,” stated Jill Evanko, CEO and President of Chart Industries. “We see a significant momentum shift from export developers discussing ammonia supply chains twelve months ago to LH2 supply chains today.”

GasLog links up with Chart Industries for large-scale liquid hydrogen supply chain

GasLog LNG Services Ltd.: The LNG Shipping Authority

GasLog LNG Services Ltd. is a major player in LNG shipping. Their expertise in managing an LNG carrier fleet and handling the complex logistics of international LNG transportation is crucial for this partnership. This knowledge directly applies to the task of designing and operating ships tailored for the safe and efficient transport of LH2 over long distances.

CEO of GasLog, Paolo Enoizi, said “This collaboration with Chart Industries is our commitment to explore and support the use of hydrogen, via liquid form, to benefit industries and users globally. I have confidence that our combined experience from the cryogenic industries will ensure the safety and efficiency of novel liquid hydrogen supply chains across the world.”

Building the Bridge: The Partnership in Action

The collaboration aims to establish a large-scale LH2 supply chain, with Chart utilizing its advanced hydrogen processing technologies and GasLog contributing its expertise in LH2 transportation through ship design and operation. The partnership targets the Middle East as a potential export hub, with Europe and Asia as import destinations. The LH2 will be distributed through pipelines and additional liquid transportation methods. 

This initiative is crucial for realizing the potential of liquid hydrogen as a clean energy source, enabling its adoption in industrial applications and consumer-driven sectors like hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The partnership between Chart and GasLog, with their complementary expertise in cryogenics and LNG shipping, has the potential to significantly accelerate the development of a commercially viable LH2 supply chain, paving the way for wider adoption of hydrogen as a clean energy alternative.

The Engine of Innovation

The collaboration between Chart Industries and GasLog likely fosters innovation in several key areas:

  • LH2 Vessel Design: Optimizing how ships are built to safely and efficiently transport LH2 over long distances. This might include improving insulation materials, containment systems, and propulsion technologies.

  • Large-Scale Liquefaction Technologies: Chart's current hydrogen liquefaction solutions will likely be improved to meet the needs of a worldwide supply chain. This could include making them more efficient and increasing their capacity to handle the expected increase in LH2 production.

  • Cryogenic Handling Infrastructure: Developing safe and efficient methods for loading, unloading, and storing LH2 throughout the supply chain is essential. This might include improving cryogenic storage tanks, transfer pipelines, and associated control systems.

These improvements will play a crucial role in creating a cost-efficient and expandable LH2 supply network, ultimately reducing the cost of hydrogen delivery and enhancing its competitiveness as a clean energy choice.

Shaping the Clean Energy Landscape

Partnerships such as the one between Chart Industries and GasLog LNG Services Ltd. are leading the path for a future driven by clean energy. By promoting innovation in LH2 production, transportation, and infrastructure development, this collaboration has the potential to speed up the shift away from fossil fuels and toward a more sustainable energy future. The success of this effort will depend on ongoing collaboration across different sectors – industry leaders, policymakers, and the public – to address challenges, increase awareness, and ultimately create a strong LH2 supply chain that unleashes the full potential of this clean energy source.

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