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Innovandi Open Challenge 2024: Start-ups Sought for Carbon Capture Technology

Published by Todd Bush on February 28, 2024

The GCCA has introduced the 2024 Innovandi Open Challenge, which aims to find advanced carbon capture technologies from tech start-ups globally. This effort supports the industry's goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2050, as detailed in the Concrete Future 2050 Net Zero Roadmap.

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The Innovandi Open Challenge 2024 stands as a pioneering international program fostering collaboration between tech start-ups and leading manufacturers in the cement and concrete industry. This unique initiative aims to accelerate innovation and achieve net zero emissions in cement and concrete production, a crucial step towards a sustainable future.

Objectives of the Program

The overarching goal of the Innovandi Open Challenge is to achieve net zero emissions in the cement and concrete industry. To achieve this ambitious goal, the program focuses on:

  • Promoting the development of carbon capture technology: This includes innovative solutions for capturing and storing carbon emissions generated during production.
  • Developing low carbon concrete solutions: This involves exploring alternative materials, manufacturing processes, and admixtures that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of concrete.
  • Facilitating collaboration between start-ups and manufacturers: By connecting these entities, the program fosters knowledge sharing, resource allocation, and the creation of commercially viable solutions.

Collaboration between Start-ups and Manufacturers

The Innovandi Open Challenge fosters a dynamic collaboration between tech start-ups brimming with innovative ideas and established manufacturers with extensive industry expertise and resources.

Start-ups are encouraged to apply by April 15th if they possess innovative solutions for carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS), particularly those applicable to low carbon cement and concrete production. These solutions can include:

  • Process-integrated capture technologies that prevent emissions within the production process.
  • End-of-pipe capture technologies that capture emissions after production.
  • Technologies for utilizing captured CO2, preventing its release into the atmosphere.
Innovandi Open Challenge

Building on Success

This is the third iteration of the Innovandi Open Challenge, demonstrating the program's effectiveness in fostering collaboration between start-ups and leading manufacturers.

  • The 2022 challenge focused on carbon capture technology, with two start-ups already in the pilot stage.
  • The 2023 challenge focused on low carbon concrete, with 15 shortlisted start-ups currently exploring partnerships with manufacturers.


Claude Loréa, GCCA Director: "Our industry is committed to net zero, and carbon capture technology is crucial. We've seen remarkable progress in just two years, and we're excited to see what this year's applicants bring."

Thomas Guillot, GCCA CEO: "We know CCUS works, but we need further innovations to accelerate our net zero mission. We encourage applications from start-ups globally to join us in this fight."

Thomas Guillot

Jonathan Cool, Ultra High Materials CEO (2023 participant): "The support, guidance, and exposure from the GCCA have been incredibly beneficial. We would certainly participate again."

Further Information:

For more information and to apply, visit the GCCA website.

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